My name is Dynasty’s Take A Chance on Me – Piper. I am a very special puppy with very particular tastes. This is why I love Cooper & Sophie’s Kitchen all natural treats. My favorite flavors are Pumpkin Pie and Banana Bread.  Want a great treat for your special puppy, choose Cooper & Sophie’s Kitchen dog treats!

PiperDog Owner in Atkinson, NH

Ever since our dog Floyd first tasted these delectable treats, it was love at first bite! Floyd refuses to eat any other treats now and has learned so many tricks thanks to these delicious all natural treats. Highly recommend for all breeds of dogs, trustworthy ingredients and guaranteed to keep your fur baby happy and healthy!

AbbyDog Owner in Manchester, NH

We were introduced to Cooper & Sophie’s Kitchen over the Summer and we are hooked! Knowing these treats come from a local dog loving mama and made with fresh, all natural ingredients makes us feel good that we are giving them high quality treats. One of our dogs is very sensitive to food and he has not had any issues with these treats, which says a lot! We highly recommend these treats for anyone who wants to give their pups the best!

LindsayDog Owner & Founder/President of 'Safe with us Animal Rescue' in Grafton, MA

Cooper & Sophie’s Kitchen makes the most amazing treats for dogs! The many flavors of their biscuits make it so easy to find a flavor your pup will love! Please try them out. You will not be disappointed! You will actually want to try them all for your pup’s pleasure. They will love them as do my dogs!

ElizabethDog Owner in in Upton, MA

This product is amazing! My dog is absolutely obsessed with these treats. There’s such a difference between Cooper & Sophie’s Kitchen and other big name store bought brands. She loves them! I can tell just by how excited she gets when I bring them home and I feel good giving her something that I know is healthy and delicious!

MeganDog Owner in Eerie, PA

We know just how incredibly passionate the owners are in creating healthy snacks for our fur babies! That’s why we choose no other place to purchase treats from to spoil our Maggie with! Maggie will not allow us to leave the kitchen until she’s had one, two, or…and there are so many fun flavors to choose from! You and your special pups will not be disappointed!

RebeccaDog Owner in Upton, MA

MiaBella and our new puppy ZuZu absolutely love the Pumpkin Pie!

ChuckDog Owner in Bedford, NH

Deez pass awl da mouf and belly tests dat me and Roxy put dems tru. Cooper and Sophie’s momma mek sooper dooper yummy treatos!

TonkaDog owner in Haddam, CT

Molly loves your treats! It was a tough decision this morning, but she went with Apple Crisp!

TillyDog Owner in Amherst, NH

These are the CUTEST and best snacks for your pups. Made in small batches with all natural ingredients, it’s an easy switch from the mass produced, preservative filled big name brands. 10/10 would recommend.

AmandaDog Owner in Fitchburg, MA